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An award winning realtor, a consummate professional, loving father, doting husband and all around fun guy and family man. Welcome to my website at www.chadmcmahon.com. First off I get it, looking for a someone to represent you on your purchase or sale of real estate can be a nerve wracking endeavour. There are a ton of agents out there to choose from and you likely already know someone who is a realtor or is going to be one.

This is where I'd like you to experience my website and all it has to offer you. I can confidently say you've found an agent like no other. Please have a look at my testimonials to see the kind of guy you have a chance to work with. I have a 5 star rating across the board after almost a decade in real estate and I'm just getting started.

My new website is great as I'm always working on it and adding more content to help you to stay in the know with our ever changing market. So surf around, if you're a reader, there are some great blogs to help educate yourself and if you prefer video, I have one of a kind videos that are unmatched from your typical agent.

My site is free to use, you can come and go as you please with no forced registration. It's here for you to educate yourself, surf properties and you can reach out when you're ready. I'm not the type of agent that hounds people. When you're ready, then so am I and please feel free to register if you want to get my monthly numbers of the regions across the GTA. Please enjoy my website. It's here for you, just like me.

Chad McMahon

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If you are looking to purchase a house then I highly recommend Chad McMahon. He is insightful about the market and has your best interests at heart. He is patient and willing to take his time to show you your interests. - Lynne Tomlinson, Dundas, ON

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When we first started to work with Chad we did not even know what we wanted. All we knew was we want the best house for the lowest price possible. Chad talked to us, a lot of emails were exchanged and we narrowed down to a list of must haves and good to haves and we started viewing properties. When we went for viewing because it was our first house we had no idea what to look for and what is good and what’s not so good, Chad guided us through everything educating us in the process. There was never a time I felt Chad was not available for us. He will balance his priorities to make you his priority and be available for you whenever you need him. Chad himself feels bad if he is cannot make himself available for you. Chad is lighting fast when it comes to replying back to you on via text, email or calls. They area we bought a place all the way out in the east was not Chad’s home turf, but he still was extremely knowledgeable and had great insights about the price, and techniques to help you get the property. Chad would instantly send you comparable of properties sold in the area to give you an idea of what things would look like. I would highly recommend Chad as a realtor, if you are looking for an awesome person to be with you during your home buyers journey. Buying a home is most likely the biggest purchase of our life and it is stressful, disheartening and gruelling process as you face rejection, compromises and what not. But Chad kept us going, making the entire process fun. Definitely and surely Chad would be my realtor for any future home purchase or sale. 30th Oct 2020 - Rupesh, Oshawa

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Our agent, Chad McMahon, helped us to find our dream home. It's as simple as that. At the very beginning he promised outright that he would not settle for anything less - initially I wasn't sure this was even possible in the Toronto market. I'm pleased to say I was wrong. We had other plans and an idea of where we wanted to be, what we thought was the right decision and had we not been working with Chad, the decision would have been clear. And wrong. Chad worked tirelessly to understand our unique needs (read: beautiful, perfect location, reasonable price with no catches...), and balance our impossible order by creating opportunities with a host of viable options in an incredibly short time. His vision, integrity and commitment to customer service sets him apart - we're truly grateful to have been able to work with him and will be doing so again in the future without hesitation. - Sean K.

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Chad knew what was important for us, and always helped us see the bigger picture as well as potential From the second I met chad, I felt comfortable. He felt like more of a friend than anything, and I could tell that he had our best interests in mind. I knew I could contact chad at any time, and rarely would it take more than 30 minutes for him to respond, although it was usually instant. He was an amazing realtor and truly made me feel comfortable with the entire experience! 11th Aug 2020 - Jess Horto

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Chad had a great feel for the current market and his opinions help greatly with making our offer. Since it came back signed without a counter offer, his suggestions proved to be accurate. cannot think of how he could have been better. It was a pleasure working with Chad. 2nd Oct 2020 - Dave McMulkin, Mississauga

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I want to take this opportunity to give a shout-out our realtor, Chad McMahon. After he’d helped us find a rental property a year ago we knew we wanted his help in finding a forever-home. If you are even considering buying a home in the Toronto area, reach out to this guy. He knows his stuff - what to look for, what to avoid, the right neighbourhood for you, the fundamentals of a house - from the basics of a sound structure to potential for renovations further down the road - , the legal and financial hurdles that need to be considered, and even potential resale value if you ever need to consider an upsize or downsize in the future. He thinks of everything and helps ask the questions that need to be considered. He took us out to view over 50 listings. 50! But he never lost his enthusiasm, humour or optimism. He made the process fun with each outing, even those that were not the ones for us, were a learning experience. He was always quick to point out what to look for, those tricks from the realty industry that can be red-flags for trouble that can rear their ugly heads later on and are best avoided. Throughout the months of searching we never felt pressured to put forth an offer on any house until we found the one right for us. And then even as we edged closer to the finish line he never abandoned us for his next gig. He remained in contact, offering direct help himself or indirectly through his close network of contacts for assistance in obtaining the mortgage, home inspections and other work to be done on the house. These contacts all speak incredibly high of Chad as well. We’ve only just begun the move-in process to our new home, but we’re very happy and excited. The place he eventually guided us to is the perfect house for us and we’re thrilled he got us here. He didn’t just set out to find us any home, but one that truly fulfilled everything we were looking for. We couldn’t be happier with the service he provided and the end result. We cannot thank him enough - Adam Lininger

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Chad went above and beyond. Helped clean up the yard, painted the stairs down to the basement, etc. Handled the offers very well. I got well above my expected price. He was awesome! 16th Mar 2021 - Jeff Grant, Binbrook, Ontario

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kept us up to date on the market and pricing, prepared us for the mulltipal offers on properties we saw...great with putting offer together and presentation. Will recomend Chad to friends and family for future use. 14th Mar 2020 - NORMAN DENEAULT KITCHENER ON.

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For anyone selling their home, Chad McMahon is the person to have on your side. He is sensitive and caring as well as being business savvy. He will provide you with unparalleled service. I highly recommend him. 19th Nov 2020 - Lynne Tomlinson Oakville

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Chad was a huge asset to not only finding our dream property but also getting our offer accepted over 16 others! His negotiation skills and ability to read the market are impressive. Chad was extremely patient and also made the process fun along the way. I would recommend Chad to anyone looking to work with an amazing Realtor. Chad McMahon, we can’t thank you enough for everything! - Geeta and Mark Mungo, Oakville

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