Listing what is likely your largest investment of your life is a "BIG" move and you want to be sure you select the right professional to make sure you capitalize the most on your investment. There are so many factors to take into consideration when you list your home for sale.

The first reason is your why. Why are you selling your home? Do you have absolutely have to move? Are you deciding to down size? Want to try a new area? Or do you simply want to cash in on a hot market? Your motivation plays a huge factor in listing your home for sale. Any agent that interviews with you should be asking this question to you as I'd want to know if you are actually motivated to sell or are you just testing the waters? This is a huge commitment of time and money from an agents perspective and if you're not motivated then I may not want to take the listing either.

I'm a very honest agent and I don't buy into the fake it til you make it model. I have enough experience and have worked through a few different difficult markets to know what works. I'm confident in what I do, what I will do for you that others will likely not do and what I do that stands out from the rest. 


Many people don't realize that the brand isn't what matters most when selling your home, it's the agent and what they bring to the table. Calling a REMAX agent doesn't guarantee you the results you are looking for. I worked for REMAX and I left for a smaller brokerage that is more of a tight family than an office with 600 agents that don't talk or know each other.

Now most of us agents have the same tools, similar gameplans and strategies at our disposal but you have to work with someone you're comfortable with. You also have to be careful because in a tougher market when you're interviewing agents to list your home with, you should interview everyone and sleep on it. Every agent is going to try to push the pen across the table and get you to sign before they go. Look at the sale price they promised, their own proven statistics, their gameplan and the timeline in which they feel the home will sell. Then sit down and look at what feels right to you and make the call. Don't go with someone because you feel compelled to, they're your neighbour or a family member you have to go with someone you want because at the end of the day this is your largest investment sot make sure it's in the right hands. If who I mentioned above is a true professional then they will for sure understand. I'd rather save a freindship then risk losing one on the sale of my home.

Now if one of these agents sales numbers are way higher than the other agents you interviewed, then they likely are trying to do what we call as "buying the listing" in hopes greed will sway you in their favour and they will get you to sign with them in hopes of making that much more money. I will assure you that they will be coming to you with a price reduction in the coming weeks as no offer has come in and the market will always tell you what your home is worth.

Meet the "Chad McMahon Team"


In case you were unaware there are many other sales tricks to that are done to try to win over a listing. That's why you want to ask for proven track records, google the agent to get their carbon footprint, check reviews (we're in that day and age). Mnay agents can fudge their numbers or reword designations to sound more reqarding than they actually are. You will see sales ploys to offer to buy your home if they don't sell it (read the fine print here!!!), offers of free staging or home renovations. You have to be very naive to think that something is free. When you see free staging it typically means the agent will pay for a consultation with a stager and you can decide whether to pay for staging or they do indeed get the staging done for you but you'll pay 6% commission on the back end of the sale instead of 5%. Generally this makes the agent even more money than if you just paid for the staging yourself. Hey if it sounds to good to be true...



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