Preparing to Sell Your Home



Do these things first

As mentioned briefly on the other page there are a few things you should do as well when thinking you're going to make a move. When you decide that you want to sell you should take a hard look at your home and start some preparation before you even call an agent. It's common knowledge to know that you have to declutter your home so it looks bigger as well as not as cluttered (you'll be moving anyway so you might as well deal with the mess things now). Painting your home will also net you a great return, just be sure to do it well and to pick a nice neutral tone throughout the house. Fix the little things and if there are any major issue that you are aware of you should take care of them before listing. If will net you more money and it will guarantee a much smoother transaction. Curb appeal works wonders as well so fix up the garage door, paint the front door and maybe jazz it up with a new handle, mailbox flower pot or hanging flowers. You become complacent walking by the small issues over time so you may not notice all these little things now, so go out and have a subjective look at your home and make a list.

knowing when to sell

You should immediately establish your time frame for selling your home. While you are working on decluttering your home this is a great time to start interviewing agents. When you select your agent (me...wink, wink), we can extablish the best time to sell. If there is no pressing time to sell immediately then we can sit down and thoroughly review the market conditions and look for when is the most opportune time to go on market.

Setting a price

To me this is actually the absolute most pivotal decision when it comes to listing your home for sale. Your first two weeks on the market are incredibly important. If you list your home too high you run the risk of having it sit on the market for too long and then it will either become stale and you need a price correction or you will start to see some lowball offers instead. This is one guarantee I can give you - THE MARKET WILL ALWAYS DICTATE WHAT YOUR HOME IS WORTH!

Now we can definitely make you more by pricing it right, staging it right and marketing it right but you have to be sure not to over estimate your home, as most home-owners all do.
Your MPAC (tax) assessment means almost nothing. Many people make the mistake of using this as a guideline to determine the value of their property. Property tax increases are planned up to 4 years in advance and because of this, assessments tend to lag behind the actual market value. The assessment is based on as estimate of value and are often either too high or too low.


I study five different markets and have had to open up my business model further to become a relocation specialist. Many sellers I find are moving further North, West and East of the city to find more affordability. When you work with me, you can be sure that you will have my full knowledge, expertise and negotiating skills at work for you to arrive at the best market price and terms. I will be keeping you up to date of what is happening in the marketplace and pricing, financing, current terms and conditons as well as the prices of competing properties. With me you will know exactly how to price and when to sell

Register to receive your monthly market report. Covers Halton, Peel, Toronto, Durham, Oakville and Burlington and I'm looking to branc out towards Guelph and Kitchener areas as I have been heading out there a lot as well.

You have a fun agent here that makes your experience one to remember. My goal is to take away the added stress, sprinkle in a little humour and make this an overall fun and enjoyable experience. This is something that you will only do a handful of times in your life and I'm honoured your trust me to be a part of it. So I will make it as darn special as I can. 

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