One great part about being in this industry is that there are lots of great people that I get to work with or recommend their services to and while I know more than one professional in almost any profession out there, I do end up working with these amazing professionals the most. They've kind of become my go-to's, my old reliables, but not only that, they are some of the best at what they do. It works great for me too as I just like knowing you're in extremely trustworthy and capable hands.

I've been working with Jennifer and her company "Meet the Stagers" for a while now and I just love how she stages her properties. I find she makes the most of the spaces that she's give while also making the room show its absolute best.

Staging can take a lifeless and cold looking property and change it into a warm and inviting home. Staging de-personalizes a house so that when people are walking through they are able to imagine themselves living there. Staging is not home decorating. Yes there is a bit of that there but it's considered more of an art that can utilize the owners existing furniture, lighting and art work to draw the potential buyer's eye to the positive aspects in your home and away from the detrimental area's instead. It addresses furniture layouts and placement, paint schemes, clutter, traffic flow, focal points, lighting, accent colour and creating a WOW factor! Did you know an empty home statistically takes 70% longer to sell and that time on the market is not only an inconvenience to you it will also reflect on your bottom dollar.


I have got to work with Geeta for quite a while now and I truly enjoy when I get to send clients her way. She's just an uplifting voice to hear, she's positive, engaging, knowledable and over the top professional.  She works closely with lots of lenders so I know I can get you some of he best rates out there while still being tied to someone who is doing things ethically and honestly. She is truly one of a google her....she's the only one!


I have used Ray Zammit from Housemaster for the last 8 years. I wouldn't dream of getting anyone else to do the job since I met Ray. Being an ex-contractor he's incredibly knowlegable when it comes to houses, their issues, costs and their fixes. He's also one of the few energy auditors out there so he's great for green energy questions as well. I like Ray because he lets you walk with him thorugh the inspection explaining everything to you as he goes, or he sits with you right after and walks you through it. His inspections are ready almost immediately and in time sensitive matters that happen all the time in real estate, this is a great added bonus to have.
I have a few go-to lawyers that I recommend but I tend to send everyone I can to Nicole over at Goulart Legal. I have known her for over 10 years and she is an incredible lawyer.  She worked under Robert Lof until he retired and she branched out on her own. Winner of many local awards, very professional and well priced as well. You're in great hands with Nicole.
I also have many, many professionals in all other facets of the housing market so if you need a flooring person, plumber, electrician etc.  I have someone for almost everything. Reach out anytime, I'm here to help!


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