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The Sheridan district is a very enticing area located in the west end of Mississauga with some amazing sections to it. Located just south of Dundas Street West down to the QEW and running west/east along it from Winston Churchill Boulevard over to the prestigious Mississauga Road.


You will find that the homes in this area are roughly anywhere from 25-55 years of age and that anything newer in this area is a direct result of infill with new builds. This is an established area with three distinct pockets called Sherwood Forest, Sheridan Homelands and Mississauga Road.

Most homes are in this district are quite affordable and as you move into the more upper scale homes along Mississauga Road you can easily have your home value go way north of $1,200,000.

This area has some amenities but it doesn't boast a lot which will have you driving to most of them for the most part, depending on where you choose to reside. Most stores are located along Erin Mills Parkway and at the Sheridan Centre which is a very basic mall to say the least. There is also a slew of Big Box stores just on the border of and just outside of the district up Dundas Street West.

Living in Sheridan grants you very close access to the QEW and the 403 as well as many main roads such as Erin Mills Parkway and Dundas Street West.

There are also a couple nice parks located in Sheridan as well to compliment the outdoorsman or nature lover. Bruce Reynolds Park is across from the largest park of the bunch called Springbank Meadows Park which is generally used mainly for walking. Bruce Reynolds is a very low key park but boasts outdoor skating, tennis courts, soccer fields and jungle gyms for children as well. Also scattered throughout the rest of the district is Don Gould, Thornlodge and Sherwood Green Parks. All of which are smaller but all have something there for the nature lover in all of us.


Sheridan is a great area with many parks and good affordable housing, but lacks good amenities and traffic can get busy at peak hours. If you want a more happening area with more of a nightlife or urban feel you may want to check out some of these areas surrounding Sheridan.

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Please look below for an explanation on why some schools do not have a mark from the Fraser Institute (F/I)


Thorn Lodge Public School - 2730 Thorn Lodge Drive, Mississauga (905) 822-5481 F/I Score: 6.1/10
Sheridan Park Public School (F/I) - 2280 Perran Drive, Mississauga (905) 822-2401 F/I Score: 6.9/10
Oakridge Public School - 2060 Stonehouse Crescent, Mississauga (905) 274-3601 F/I Score: 4.7/10


Homelands Senior Public School - 2420 Homelands Drive, Mississauga (905) 822-2031 F/I Score: N/A


Erindale Secondary School - 2021 Dundas Street West, Mississauga (905) 828-7206 F/I Score: 6.8/10


St. Francis of Assisi (JK-8) - 2480 Thorn Lodge Drive, Mississauga (905) 822-3183 F/I Score: 6.8/10

*Rankings Come From the Fraser Institute 2014-15 *
(Please note:  schools that do not have a rating on the Fraser Institute need a miniumum number of students (15) from the grades from which the data is drawn from and in some cases the available data is insufficient to properly rank the school getting them a rank of this N/A. Again rank isn't everything as there are many factors to consider and the score should be used in conjuction with having meetings with teachers, administrators, support staff, as well as your child and other parents to better the overall selection factor)


The prominent and most affordable homes are in the Sheridan Homelands section of the Sheridan District, which are your typical backsplit or two story detached homes but be aware that there are pockets here that have a higher rate of rental units and some industrial space making some parts a bit less enticing. Keep in mind as mentioned earlier that in this district there is three sections so the pricing can be a bit different for each area. Sherwood Forest has also turned into an opulent area in the last little while with the homes prices flirting around a million for a home here. Lastly we have the ever imperial Mississauga Road where you find your luxury homes on larger lots, with some either backing onto some greenspace or the golf course.

Condo Apartments - $160,000 - $240,000
Condo Townhouse - $180,000 - $420,000
Semi-Detached - $380,000 - $440,000
Detached - $650,000 - $990,000
Luxury - $1,000,000 - $6,000,000+


I personally think that Sheridan is a great place to purchase a home as it's an already established area of Mississauga and it has a lot going for it and the main changes that will take place here will be urban infil so the area should stay the same. Most of the homes here are affordable and gaining in value. You have quick access to the QEW and the 403 if you are a commuter and the bus routes are very frequent, especially along Erin Mills Parkway for those that use public transportation.

There are many nice parks scattered throughout the district giving an outlet to those that love nature and sports a place to go as well. My only slam against the area is the lack of amenities and by that I mean good stores. Sheridan Mall doesn't have much to offer you and the stores in front of it are mainly just fast food chains. You have a short drive to get what you need in this area but the good thing is that you have many Big Box stores just west up Dundas Street and a movie theatre and restaurants and bars just off the QEW and Winston Churchill Blvd if you want something to do at night. Let's not forget as well that there are not a lot of schools in this district and their ratings on the Frasier Institute are not that great with not even one cracking a 7/10.

There are pockets here that are just out of reach for you average double income family with some of the homes reaching way north on a million but there are other areas where you can get an older, quality built home for a reasonable price. This is suburbia at it's finest and if you want a more urban feel you may want to look in a different area of Mississauga as this is more of a quieter area for your upper-middle class families.

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