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Is located at the mouth of the Credit River on Lake Ontario's north shoreline. Port Credit's boundaries to the district run from the lake and north up to the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) It's east/west boundaries are from Godfrey's Lane and all the way east over to Seneca Avenue. Port Credit has a vast wealth of history (almost 300 years) as it was originally a settlement of the Mississauga Ojibwe First Nations. It then was an established trading post back in 1720 for the exchange of goods.


Next to Streetsville, Port Credit is one of the most sought after communities to reside in Mississauga. Located just west of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) it's considered one of the premier waterfront communities on the west end as well.(Not forgetting Oakville)

Ther are a lot of independant shops and cool independant restaurants that are peppered throughout Port Credit and quickly becoming a mainstay with the growing population in Port Credit, not to mention the amazing shoreline and lakefront views you have at your disposal.

If you also like to look at architecture, the homes situated along Mississauga road heading south to the lake are absolutely jaw-dropping and help make the drive into Port Credit very interesting and memorable.

Port Credit is considered to be like Streetsville in the sense that it too has three sections to it and many nice parks. The areas here are Cranberry Cove (head west down along Lakeshore), Olde Port Credit Village and Port Credit Village. There are quite a few parks located in Port Credit, with my favourite being J.C. Saddington Park situated right on Lake Ontario. There is also Memorial Park off the Credit River and JJ Plaus Park situated right at the mouth of the Credit River along with many other smaller parks and let us not forget the Rhododendron Gardens in Cranberry Cove on the Westernmost point of Port Credit's boundaries

Along with the Clarkson area, Port Credit has been in a rejuvenation period well over the last decade and is making room for new developments such as opulent town homes and high rise buildings. Over time the older homes in the area have been going through the transitionary period where they too are being given the urban facelift into a luxury homes as well. Any of the lower grade homes in the area will still need at least tens of thousands put into them to keep them current with the other homes in the area.

There is also a Go Station in Port Credit so you can make it down to Union Station in downtown Toronto if you don't want to deal with the hustle and bustle of city traffic during peak hours. It would take you roughly 20-25 minutes to make it there and back with if no hang ups occur.




If Port Credit doesn't seem to have all that you are looking for but want to be somewhat close to what it has to offer you should check out these communities that surround it. These communties have some of the lavish styles of homes you're looking for but are not situated by the lake.

LornePark2web Clarkson1web Mineola1web


There are a couple schools in Port Credit with exemplary rankings and some that are middle of the pack.
Please look below for an explanation on why some schools do not have a mark from the Fraser Institute (F/I)


Forest Avenue Public School - 20 Forest Avenue, Mississauga (905) 278-2472  F/I Score6.1/10
Kenollie Public School - 1376 Glenwood Drive, Mississauga (905) 278-8991  F/I Score8.7/10
Mineola Public School (F/I) - 145 Windy Oaks Drive, Mississauga (905) 278-3144  F/I Score7.5/10
Riverside Public School (K-8) 30 John Street North, Mississauga (905) 274-1515  F/I Score4.1/10


Queen Elizabeth Senior Public School (7-8) - 60 South Service Road, Mississauga (905) 278-7287  F/I Score: N/A


Port Credit Secondary School - 70 Mineola Road East, Mississauga (905) 278-3382  F/I Score7.9/10


St. James Catholic Global Learning Centre (JK-6) - 98 Wanita Road, Mississauga (905) 890-0708
St. Luke - 1280 Cobalt Street, Mississauga (905) 274-2760  F/I Score7/10
St. Timothy - 2214 Cliff Road, Mississauga (905) 277-0990  F/I Score8.2/10

*Rankings Come From the Fraser Institute 2014-15 *
(Please note:  schools that do not have a rating on the Fraser Institute need a miniumum number of students (15) from the grades from which the data is drawn from and in some cases the available data is insufficient to properly rank the school getting them a rank of this N/A. Again rank isn't everything as there are many factors to consider and the score should be used in conjuction with having meetings with teachers, administrators, support staff, as well as your child and other parents to better the overall selection factor)



It really depends what you are looking for as Port Credit has many styles and types of homes to offer you, There are pockets here that are still in dire need of a revitalization, some that have already gone through it and the homes look incredible adding a certain appeal and charisma that you can only find here in Port Credit. The homes here can be anywhere form 30 to 100 years old as there are many pre-war/post-war homes here like what you will find in Mimico, or Vista Heights in Streetsville. There are also older condos here that you can grab around $280,000 and opulent town homes, condos and low-rise condos that can stretch anywhere from 430,000 to close to a million. If you venture down to Cumberland Dr in Port Credit you can see mansions up to and over 5 million dollars as well as the ever so well known Mississauga Road and the Luxury homes on display on this stretch of road.

Typical Older Condos ($280,000-$350,000)
Luxury/Low-rise Condos ($430,000 - $980,000)
Detached Homes ($650,000 - $900,000+)
Luxury Homes ($1,000,000 up to and over $5,400,000)


If I'm not heading to Streetsville (it's closer to where I live), my wife and I generally find ourselves walking in Port Credit and trying a few new places out. I have been to 10 (the Restaurant) and had a decent meal but these are the ones that have stood out to me. My wife loves greek food so you can see below where I usually end up. I have watched the Maple Leafs win a few at The Pump House over a few cold brews too. The restaurants have to be good in Port Credit or they won't last as there with so much competition in the areas of quality of service and food. I'd recommend these places to try out and these are my top 4. Burger Priest isn't too far away either but I hate waiting in line for a dang hamburger, no matter how good they are. Included are the reviews onYelp  Yelp as of 01/01/15

Spice Lounge - 52 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga (905) 891-8463 - Yelp Review 4.5/5 (Tapas)
Shore Grill and Grotto - 71 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga (905) 271-9777 - Yelp Review 3.5/5 (Grill)
Colossus Greek Taverna - 280 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga (905) 271-2853 - Yelp Review 4/5 (Greek)
The Pump House Grille Co - 40 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga (905) 891-7867 - Yelp Review 3.5/5 (Steak/Pub Fare)



This is just my professional opinion but Port Credit is one of the best districts in Mississauga to live. For the age of Port Credit you can see it was built before our reliance of the automobile so almost everything is in walking distance. There are many beautiful parks, lakefront views, unique shops and fantastic restaurants just a stone's throw away.

The homes here sell for a premium pricetag and the lots tend to be smaller as compared to some areas like Streetsville where you pay top dollar as well but get the lot size. There are a few pockets with community shopping centres and homes that still need to be modernized/updated but over the last 15 years it has gone through a major facelift with many more great urban planning still on the way due to investors and developers keen interest the area. When I moved here from Ottawa 18 years ago to Oakville, I frequented Port Credit a lot to see a few friends and I'm blow away by the difference in that short time.

I love many things about this area, especially the parks, restaurants and quiet nightlife. Sadly to point out but I also find everyone else has the same idea on a nice day and I find the area to be a bit crowded in the summer on the main strip and parks but that's just how it goes I guess.

The area has lots to offer if you can afford it here. If you are looking for that village lifestyle just being outside that attainable city life as well then this is the place for you, with Toronto just being a 20 minute drive away, off peak hours that is. Boasting great parks and a relaxed charm, I feel Port Credit is an amazing place to call home where you can add your little bit of history to it's already 300 year long resume.....

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