Mineola Map

Its boundaries run north up the Credit River to the QEW and then along the south side of the QEW to Cawthra and south down to Queen Street East and back until you reach the Credit River again. It's located above the district of Port Credit with the Lakeview district to the east of it too.


Much like the communites that surround Mineola, you best want to bring your pocket book if you want to reside in this stunning tranquil community.

This is definitely the community for you if you are of wealthy status as this area is out of reach for the average combined income of most Mississauga familes.

The Port Credit Go station is just on the outskirts of Mineola so you have quick access to getting downtown if that better suits your needs other than driving. You can be downtown in 20-25 minutes with the Go Train.

This is an area sought after buy investors and developers alike. You are mainly paying for the lot in this neighbourhood and not just the home.  Lots of infill in this area at the moment with many homes being torn down for a new build or a different type of development. You will pay a premium in Mineola but it is a very sought after neighbourhood with many styles of homes, mature trees and decent sized lots as well.

There are three nice parks here in Mineola peppered throughout the community with Spruce, Lyndwood and Dellwood Parks leading the way to a relaxed walk to clear your head.


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If Mineola is a little out of your price range, then you may want to consider some of the area surrounding it. The areas here have a very similar charm and feel on the south side of the QEW and the further west you go such as Clarkson you may find something a touch more in your price range.



Many of the schools here score really well as you could expect with the value of the homes in the area this generally usually follows the demographic. There are some private schools in Mineola as well if you are looking for this kind of education for your children. Some of the schools will be listed in Port Credit as well since both communities are so close together.
Please look below for an explanation on why some schools do not have a mark from the Fraser Institute (F/I)


Kenollie Public School - 1376 Glenwood Drive, Mississauga (905) 278-8991  F/I Score: 8.7/10
Mineola Public School (F/I)- 145 Windy Oaks Drive, Mississauga (905 278-3144  F/I Score: 7.4/10 ("12-13 Score)
Janet I. McDougald Public School - 498 Hartsdale Avenue, Mississauga (905) 278-1010  F/I Score: N/A
Queen Elizabeth Senior Public School (7-8) - 60 South Service Road, Mississauga (905) 278-7287  F/I Score: N/A


Port Credit Secondary School - 70 Mineola Road East, Mississauga (905) 278-3382  F/I Score: N/A
Cawthra Park Secondary School - 1305 Cawthra Road, Mississauga (905) 274-1271  F/I Score: 8/10


St. James Catholic Global Learning Centre (JK-6) - 98 Wanita Road, Mississauga

*Rankings Come From the Fraser Institute 2014-15 *
(Please note:  schools that do not have a rating on the Fraser Institute need a miniumum number of students (15) from the grades from which the data is drawn from and in some cases the available data is insufficient to properly rank the school getting them a rank of this N/A. Again rank isn't everything as there are many factors to consider and the score should be used in conjuction with having meetings with teachers, administrators, support staff, as well as your child and other parents to better the overall selection factor)


Very much like Lorne Park, there are a lot of single family detached homes in Mineola. Many of them are smaller homes that are being bought, torn down and a new home is resurrected in its place. A very conscious effort has been made here as well to salvage the mature trees that are littered throughout the Mineola community giving it a mature look even though the age of the homes may be drastically younger. Many of the older style homes reside in East Mineola (50+ years of age) and custom built homes can be found everywhere with the result of infill happening here.

Bungalow / smaller detached - $560,000 - $850,000
Detached - $900,000 - $1,500,000
Luxury - $1,500,000 - $5,000,000


Like Lorne Park, Mineola literally has very few, if any establishments to go and dine at. You will have to go to Port Credit or Clarkson to grab a bite. Luckily it's not very far. So I have no recommendations for this section. Please feel free to see my Clarkson and Port Credit sections if you'd like to see what is close by with the  Yelp Yelp ratings included.


My feelings towards Mineola are very much in the same with Lorne Park. If you can afford it, it's an absolute dream to live here with the tranquil streets and quiet nightlife. The homes are loaded with character and charm with the history that these wooded areas preserve inside them. The newer homes with mature trees around them give it a very cozy, private feel here as long as you know you're paying a premium to live here. You are able to attain properties with good sized lots here but be cautious as there are a fair bit of custom builds where the lot sizes are not as big as you may be able to get in Streetsville.

Again what comes with the price tag in living here is security, quietness and phenominal schools in the area. There are some good private schools located in Mineola  as well, if you are looking for that option regarding your kids scholastic upbringing. My only slam against here is the definite lack of stores, restaurants and such. You have to drive everywhere here to get what you need. Luckily some dynamite areas are close by in Port Credit and Clarkson for your shopping needs.

Sherway Mall isn't far away either with many big box stores residing on the Queensway as well for your home needs and again the Port Credit Go Station is just on the outskirts of Mineola's boundaries so you can be in the city in no time for either work or play.

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