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It's all in the name with this district, as the west side boundary to East Credit runs along the east side of the Credit River from the highway 403 north to the 401 and back down along Mavis Road to the highway 403 again.


East Credit is one of the larger districts located near the center of Mississauga. With major roads like Mavis Road and Eglinton Avenue West and highway 401 outlining it's boundaries, one could only imagine that they are in the thick of it here. East Credit's boundaries over the while have kept expanding but to me East Credit ends at Eglinton and not further south to the 403.

There are lots of amenities here and tons of shopping options with Erin Mills Town centre just a short drive down Eglinton and the beginning of Heartland Town Centre is also close-by along Brittania Road and Mavis Road. Square One isn't far away either and Credit Valley Hospital is also very close and it is a fantastic hospital to have just outside the boundaries.

As mentioned your boundaries are major roads in Mississauga so at peak times they can get a bit crowded but there are many ways to get around with the side streets if you know the area. Creditview and Terry Fox Way make for some good roads to take a detour down.

Most of the homes in this location are not very old (35 years), as with some areas of MIssissauga having the Pre and Post war homes scattered throughout. Over twenty years ago a good chunk of this area was more of a rural setting with the land having more of a agricultural purpose. Which is a plus as the homesthat were made in the 80's were built with a little more quality and pride. So you stand to get a good size home with decent lots in most sections of East Credit as well as the luxury homes along Creditview that have some backing onto the Credit River. The homes up towards Heartland in the north part of the district are newer (20 years) with smaller lots but close to some great amenities.

In the south east section of East Credit there is a section called Credit Point with more exclusive homes having large lots that sell for a premium. There is only one way into Credit Point and it's along Eglinton. Most of the homes here are quite large and the foliage is mature and lush in this area as well as with the luxury homes along Creditview Road area.


If East Credit just isn't for you and you find it either too busy or too expensive...., you may want to check out some of the surrounding areas. All of which have their own similar styles and feel but are uniquely different as well. Check them out!

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Please look below for an explanation as to why some schools do not have a score on the Fraser Institute (F/I)


Edenrose Public School (F/I) - 1342 Edenrose Street, Mississauga (905) 567-4296 F/I Score: N/A
Sherwood Mills Public School - 1385 Sherwood Mills Boulevard, Mississauga (905) 812-8265 F/I Score: N/A
Whitehorn Public School - 5785 Whitehorn Avenue, Mississauga (905) 819-9807 F/I Score: N/A

Willow Way Public School - 1715 Willow Way, Mississauga (905) 567-0237 F/I Score: N/A
Britannia Public School (F/I) - 1145 Swinbourne Drive, Mississauga (905) 814-1146 F/I Score: N/A


Fallingbrook Middle School - 5187 Fallingbrook Drive, Mississauga (905) 812-7470 F/I Score: N/A

Hazel McCallion Senior Public School - 5750 River Grove Avenue, Mississauga (905) 858-1133 F/I Score:  N/A


Rick Hansen Secondary School - 1150 Dream Crest Road, Mississauga (905) 567-4260 F/I Score:  7.3/10


St. Bernadette (JK-8) - 1060 White Clover Way, Mississauga (905) 501-9498 F/I Score:  4.3/10
St. Herbert (JK-8) - 5180 Fallingbrook Drive, Mississauga (905) 858-1171 F/I Score:  5.8/10
St. Joseph (9-12) - 5555 Creditview Road, Mississauga (905) 812-1376 F/I Score:  7.6/10
St. Raymond (JK-8) - 5735 Whitehorn Avenue, Mississauga (905) 286-1010 F/I Score:  7.3/10
St. Valentine (JK-8) - 5610 Heatherleigh Avenue, Mississauga (905) 890-0909 F/I Score:  7.3/10

St Dunstan (JK-8) - 1525 Cuthbert Avenue, Mississauga (905) 567-5050  F/I Score: 8.5/10
St. Gregory (JK-8) - 1075 Swimbourne Drive, Mississauga (905) 814-5237  F/I Score: 6.7/10

*Rankings Come From the Fraser Institute 2014-15 *
(Please note:  schools that do not have a rating on the Fraser Institute need a miniumum number of students (15) from the grades from which the data is drawn from and in some cases the available data is insufficient to properly rank the school getting them a rank of this N/A. Again rank isn't everything as there are many factors to consider and the score should be used in conjuction with having meetings with teachers, administrators, support staff, as well as your child and other parents to better the overall selection factor)


There are many styles of homes available in this area, from condo apartments, townhomes, bungalows, semi-detached and detached upper scale homes as well. In this area it's all about the location. You find there are some very affordable houses in East Credit as well as some expensive detached homes.
Here's what you can look to pay on average (ballpark) for each style of home

Condo Apartment - $250,000 - $420,000
Condo Town/Row Townhome - $400,000 - $525,000+
Semi Detached - $530,000 - $640,000
Detached - $580,000 - 1,200,000+


East Credit is a coveted community as it has great homes in areas that are sought after.  I feel it is a busy area with lots of commuters travelling through it at key times so it can be a get bunged at rush hour with the many main streets that run through it.

There are many styles of homes available here and some are very affordable. You have close access to the 403 and the 401 as well as having the Credit Valley hospital just outside the boundary line. Shopping amenities are great in this location with Square One, Erin Mills Town Centre and Heartland Town Centre all within a 5-10 minute drive.

Credit Pointe adds a nice prestigeous area to East Credit with the million dollar homes, limited access and large lots. Most of the schools in this area have great ratings on the Fraser Institute, which is a plus if you have children and asides from residential living and shopping centres there is a fair bit lacking in this area as a entertainment district. You will have to travel from here as well if you're looking for something to do at night.

Overall this area has many good aspects to it, but to me there are nicer areas to live in in Mississauga with a bit more going on, more green scapes and the roads tend to bit more on the quiet side.

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