Cooksville Map
The Cooksville district is located just above north side of the QEW with Hurontario Street (Hwy 10) running right through the middle of it. It runs west/east from Mavis Road to Cawthra and just a few blocks north of Dundas Street West.


Cooksville is a very diverse district in Mississauga. It has some of the cheapest apartment condo's you can buy in Mississauga located close to some of the more lucrative lots with custom homes easily priced north of a million.

Cooksville is the old area where they moved all of Mississauga's municipal activities north up to what it now the City Centre district. This move affected Cooksville dramatically and they are still feeling the affects of this decision, I think mainly just trying to get a new feel for the area as it's not the centre hub anymore. Again this was close to forty years ago as well.

It's hard to sell this area on your initial view, especially if you enter Cooksville either by Hurontario or Dundas it doesn't come across that nice on the main roads as they often appear busy and a little bit run down. Though there are some great tranquil and isolated areas here in Cooksville you just have to know where to look and the area has lots of beautiful parks scattered throughout the district also.

There are many types of condos, apartments and styles of homes available here. From the common post war bungalows and side-spilts found around parts of Mississauga, the newer builds in the Clay HIll area to the larger custom homes in the refined Gordon Woods area.

Amenities are around in this area but keep in mind Square One is a short drive away and there are a few community shopping centres along Dundas and Mavis area too. If you are looking for more things to do at night, then you'll either have to head north to City Centre or south down to the lake to find more happening things going on.


If the look or feel of Cooksville is not for you but you want to be close to the central hub of Mississauga, then you should check out these surrounding districts as they offer many of the same things but are cleaner and some have a more cleaner suburban feel.

Applewood1web Mineola1web City-Centre


Please look below for an explanation on why some schools do not have a mark from the Fraser Institute (F/I)


Cashmere Avenue Public School - 2455 Cashmere Avenue, Mississauga (905) 276-4434 or (905) 276-4891  F/I Score: 5.1/10
Floradale Public School - 210 Paisley Boulevard West, Mississauga (905) 275-1090  F/I Score: 6.3/10
Clifton Public School - 2389 Cliff Road, Mississauga (905) 277-2611  F/I Score: N/A
Corsair Public School (F/I)
 - 2230 Corsair Road, Mississauga (905) 279-1511  F/I Score: N/A
Munden Park
 - 515 Tedwyn Drive, Mississauga (905) 279-9251  F/I Score: N/A


Queen Elizabeth Senior Public School (7-8) - 60 South Service Road, Mississauga (905) 278-7287  F/I Score: N/A
Camilla Road Senior Public School
 - 201 Cherry Post Drive, Mississauga (905) 270-0845  F/I Score: N/A


TL Kennedy Secondary School - 3100 Hurontario, Mississauga (905) 279-6540  F/I Score: 5.5/10


Mary Fix - 486 Paisley Boulevard West, Mississauga (905) 270-3140  F/I Score: 4.8/10
St. Catherine of Siena - 2350 Hurontario Street South, Mississauga (905) 277-2448  F/I Score: 5.4/10
St. Jerome - 790 Paisley Boulevard West, Mississauga (905) 273-3836  F/I Score: 8.3/10
Father Daniel Zanon (JK-8) - 450 Hillcrest Avenue, Mississauga (905) 279-3722  F/I Score: 6.7/10
St. Philip (JK-8) - 345 Fairview Road West, Mississauga (905) 306-8420  F/I Score: 7.8/10

*Rankings Come From the Fraser Institute 2014-15 *
(Please note:  schools that do not have a rating on the Fraser Institute need a miniumum number of students (15) from the grades from which the data is drawn from and in some cases the available data is insufficient to properly rank the school getting them a rank of this N/A. Again rank isn't everything as there are many factors to consider and the score should be used in conjuction with having meetings with teachers, administrators, support staff, as well as your child and other parents to better the overall selection factor)


As mentioned above, Cooksville is very diverse in the many different styles of properties you can purchase here. You have custom built million dollar homes in the same vicinity as cheaper condo apartment units.

Condo Apt/ Townhomes - $180,000 - $640,000
Semi-Detached - $460,000 - $540,000
Detached - $490,000 - $900,000
Luxury - $1,150,000 - $$3,400,000+


Cooksville is a perfect example of not judging a book by it's cover, mainly on how it can come across during a drive by on it's main intersecting roads. (Hurontario Street and Dundas Street) These areas are filled with many small stores with a run down and dirty look to most of them. But tucked in behind these areas and off the main roads are some great little quiet neighbourhoods with some very decent and affordable homes in them.

The area is very diverse in home styles and has a bit of everything to suit your needs. From condo apartments, townhomes, semi's and detached alike. There are many good parks scattered throughout as well and you are in-between access to the 403 and QEW but it can get very clogged down here at key traffic times.

Amenities are present here as well but you will want to drive to City Centre for restaurants or even down to Port Credit for different fare or entertainment. It is a culturally diverse area and the schools here have some decent scores on the Fraser Institute to boot.

Lastly, you can get a good home for your investment and the value is here. Not a huge fan of the area myself but as I mentioned that there is value here and it has many things that can be crossed off your must have list and then there are other things that it lacks as well such as better schools, closer amenities and nightlife entertainment. Again it ultimately comes down to what's important to you .....the buyer.

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