Buying A Home With a Pool



If you are considering buying a home with an inground pool it's best to become an informed buyer and do your research and please ensure your Real Estate agent is including appropriate clauses to protect you from any unforeseen expenses leading up to the properties closing date.

Pools are one of those additions to homes that the debate of them adding value to your home is often considered a little cloudy. Installing an inground pool is a costly affair and especially if you are adding some bells and whistles with it such as, nice landscaping, waterfalls, jacuzzi or hottubs to complete the whole package can often be a big cost with very little return. If you lived in Los Angeles or Arizona where you get to use it all year round I can see it as a worthwhile investment, but here in Canada where you may get 4 months of the year with its use it doesn't really seem worth it.

Installing a new kitchen, bathroom, adding hardwood floors, crown mouldings and even California shutters can all add value to your home but the fact is a pool adds little or no value to your home. Often I'll see potential buyers viewing a home and they appear to love it, but turn away from the purchase because of the existence of a pool, you have to either really want it or you don't. Peoples perceptions of pool are that they are costly, take up most or all of your backyard and typically are something you have to check on and take care of on a daily basis. Unless of course it is a salt water pool, where then they at least involve very little maintenance.

When selling a home with a pool it is often best to make sure you have pictures taken of your pool in the summer months to be able to show what it looks like if you are not selling your home during this time of year, so this at least gives you the best advantage to sell if they can see what the possibilities look like.

When purchasing a home during the winter months and the closing may be set for the upcoming summer months after the pool has been opened you would then need to insert clauses in your offer for protection from other potential expenses. Stipulate in your offer to ensure that the pool is to be opened by a professional pool company and the receipts are transferred to you upon closing in case there is any guarantee or warranty involved.

You should also request that the Sellers have the company do a thorough inspection of the pool prior to the closing date and ask for the certificate of inspection or something similar from the pool company. If the pool is heated make sure in your offer there is a clause inserted in your offer that it will also be in good working condition and be sure to ask the Seller any of these questions or suggestions listed below before preparing an offer if the information is not contained in the listing.

- How old is the liner?
- How old is the pool?
- Has the pool been opened and closed by a professional pool company?
- Has the pool ever had any repairs done on it? If so, when?
- Is the pool completely fenced in?
- Is the fence the proper height to comply with the by-laws of your city?
- Is all the pool equipment staying on closing? Ensure this is also    stipulated in your offer
- If the perimeter of the pool is surrounded by concrete or tiles, look for any cracks or loose tiles as this could be an indication of a source for leaksand future problems

- Check the soil around the pool and pump for any signs of water saturation

Make sure your Real Estate agent is inserting a clause in your offer where the Seller guarantees that all the chattels , fixtures and pool equipment is in good working order up to and including the day of closing. Once you receive the keys to your home be sure to go to the home and make sure that everything is in good working order as you have up until midnight on the day of closing to check everything. If you fail to do so then you will now be responsible for anything that is not working properly. On the instance you do find something call your agent and notify him or her and a report will be made to the lisitng agent and request the seller remedy any deficiencies.

I love swimming and pools can be a great source of refreshment, fun and entertainment for you, family and friends. I just want you to make sure you do your due diligence before you take the "plunge"



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