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I want to take this opportunity to give a shout-out our realtor, Chad McMahon. After he’d helped us find a rental property a year ago we knew we wanted his help in finding a forever-home.

If you are even considering buying a home in the Toronto area, reach out to this guy. He knows his stuff - what to look for, what to avoid, the right neighbourhood for you, the fundamentals of a house - from the basics of a sound structure to potential for renovations further down the road - , the legal and financial hurdles that need to be considered, and even potential resale value if you ever need to consider an upsize or downsize in the future. He thinks of everything and helps ask the questions that need to be considered.

He took us out to view over 50 listings. 50! But he never lost his enthusiasm, humour or optimism. He made the process fun with each outing, even those that were not the ones for us, were a learning experience. He was always quick to point out what to look for, those tricks from the realty industry that can be red-flags for trouble that can rear their ugly heads later on and are best avoided. Throughout the months of searching we never felt pressured to put forth an offer on any house until we found the one right for us.

And then even as we edged closer to the finish line he never abandoned us for his next gig. He remained in contact, offering direct help himself or indirectly through his close network of contacts for assistance in obtaining the mortgage, home inspections and other work to be done on the house. These contacts all speak incredibly high of Chad as well.

We’ve only just begun the move-in process to our new home, but we’re very happy and excited. The place he eventually guided us to is the perfect house for us and we’re thrilled he got us here. He didn’t just set out to find us any home, but one that truly fulfilled everything we were looking for. We couldn’t be happier with the service he provided and the end result.

We cannot thank him enough

Sean K. — 5 star  Our agent, Chad McMahon, helped us to find our dream home. It's as simple as that. At the very beginning he promised outright that he would not settle for anything less - initially I wasn't sure this was even possible in the Toronto market. I'm pleased to say I was wrong. We had other plans and an idea of where we wanted to be, what we thought was the right decision and had we not been working with Chad, the decision would have been clear. And wrong. Chad worked tirelessly to understand our unique needs (read: beautiful, perfect location, reasonable price with no catches...), and balance our impossible order by creating opportunities with a host of viable options in an incredibly short time. His vision, integrity and commitment to customer service sets him apart - we're truly grateful to have been able to work with him and will be doing so again in the future without hesitation.

Tony M.— 5 star  Chad took the time to understand our needs and found us the perfect home. He knew exactly what we wanted and wouldn't let us settle for the sake of a sale. When it came to selling our home he was so knowledgable and helpful he got us over asking in just 4 days. A true professional who always put us first!

Joyce S. — 5 star   Hard working, dedicated to finding the right property for his clients. So happy we had Chad find us the right property, we won't be needing his services for a long time now, but I highly recommend Chad if you are in need of a real estate agent.

Leighton D. — 5 star  Professional, consistent, with amazing leadership as well!

Lindsay L. — 5 star  Chad was amazing to work with, knowledgable and professional. He worked around our hectic schedules and met all of our needs when it came to buying and selling our home! Thanks Chad! *****

Debbie and Joe F. - 5 Star  Just wanted to share what an amazing experience I had with Chad. I still can't believe how above and beyond Chad went for the purchase and sale of our home and even after the fact!!! He was no only so professional and had our best interests in mind but he kept us laughing the entire time...and for anyone who knows the stress of buying and selling homes...that is huge! He fought for us to get the best deal on our purchase and the most money for our sale. We became very close to Chad over this time and now consider him and his family wonderful friends. I did not know Chad prior to this experience and I am so glad we met him. If you're thinking of buying or selling a home, Chad is your guy!

Tim R. - Star  This was our second time using Chad McMahon and just like the first time he went over and beyond what was expected. He was always there to answer our questions or help us out with suggestions and strategies for selling our house. His confidence made us feel at ease with everything that was happening and we couldn't be more pleased with the final result and sale of our home.

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