Like most agents, I can go on and on about what I can do, how I will do it, list all my qualifications, rhyme off a list of testimonials, what percentages I can attain for you and trust me I have all of those things ready. But I'm of the mindset that you first have to like your agent and want to work with them. You have to know "WHY" they do what they do and I can assure you that most agents probably don't know why they work in real estate.

It's simple for me. My WHY has always been right in front of my eyes and it's what I wake up every day doing. I truly enjoy helping others and making people happy. I have worked in art and animation making kids happy with the artwork I put forward, I have run restaurants for 18 years making people have memorable nights out together while having an experience only they can take with them. I never really found my calling that ticked all my boxes and made me get out of bed in the morning until I got into real estate 6 years ago. 

The bottom line is I found out I like to work for myself, especially after spending years of working long days making someone else money that would replace me in a heartbeat if it suited them best. I like to work my own hours, I love the option of choosing who I work with every day and taking my business to where I want it to be. I know I don't want to be the #1 agent in the area and it's not because I couldn't achieve it, it's just that it doesn't fit my business model or mindset

If I plan on doing 50+ deals a year then I will work all the time and not see my family. I will not be able to give the best service to my current clients because there are only so many hours in a day.  This plan makes me accessible at all times, available to clients and family as well as giving me time to recharge and be with my family, which at the end of the day is truly the most important.

I have faults as we all do. One of mine is that I care too much. I want things to happen for clients so bad at times I lie awake all night because I can't shut my brain off. If they lose out on a purchase I take thathome with me.  I've learned alot over my years in real estate, I've learned to venture down new paths no matter how absurd they seem to me because quite frankly, it works for others, so why should I be so closed minded. I've learned to embrace change.

GI can't stress enought to with an agent you feel comfortable with, as many of us have similar packages that we offer. I'm a true believer in you get what you pay for as well as if it sounds to good to be true you can best believe it is! Nobody does something for nothing so always be sure to read the fine print. I'm a small town boy at heart and I simply tell you what you have to hear, not always what you want to hear.

My business plan formed with a very simple mentality. I want to attain one number.......just one! In my mind if I can attain another satisified client and add that one more number to the list of people I have made happy with my services, then all those other important wants and needs simply have to follow suit. Just think if you leave happy with my services then I must have got you a price you are happy with, the home you wanted, a closing date you want and clauses in place that protect you all the while making your experience an fun and stress free one.

That's my WHY. I love helping people and make this transaction as stress free as I can. I want to build my business into a referral based one and to not be knocking on doors. Everyone truly matters to me and you are not just a paycheque, you're an experience, a chance for me grow personally and professionally and someone I hope to do business with or to simply answer any questions down the road. I want to be your realtor for life.

I always say to interview a few agents before choosing one as you have to feel good with who you choose but always be sure to ask them their WHY?





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