Staging is one of those newer ventures in real estate that maybe not all people have heard about or know very little about. It is also one of the more delicate issues that a real estate agent may have to bring up during a listing presentation. It could ultimately cost you the job as how do you tell someone that their home would probably sell better with either some different colour choices, some different furniture or all of the above.

Now we strictly suggest this  as it will truly help you get more bang for your buck and I have been in homes that need only a few hours of tweaking and it's ready to list and get photos. I have also been to others that it might just be better to light a match and hope for the best. Many people have pride in their homes as they have spent years trying to get the look and feel they want to have in their home. Sadly it sometimes doesn't jive with what the general public is wanting when it comes time to list the home for sale.


Staging can take a lifeless and cold looking property and change it into a warm and inviting home. Staging de-personalizes a house so that when people are walking through they are able to imagine themselves living there. Staging is not home decorating. Yes there is a bit of that there but it's considered more of an art that can utilize the owners existing furniture, lighting and art work to draw the potential buyer's eye to the positive aspects in your home and away from the detrimental area's instead. It addresses furniture layouts and placement, paint schemes, clutter, traffic flow, focal points, lighting, accent colour and creating a WOW factor!

Most sellers are reluctant to spend any money of staging which I find to be a bit short sighted as the cost of simply staging your home can be minimal copared to the rewards it can produce. Numerous studies keep coming back with the same conclusion about staging which is that staged homes sell much faster and for a higher selling price. Generally you will get anywhere from 6-15% more on your list price is you stage your home, which more than pays for itself. If it isn't just that then you must consider the speed in which you sell your home to be a huge plus as well. Imagine your home on the market for 30+ days and people wanting to come in and out of your home for than long, open houses on the weekends...etc. Wouldn't it be nice to have it all said and done within a two week period. It's also proven that most traffic will come through your home within the first two weeks in has been on the market and if it slows right down to nothing then you will have to look at mayve you listed it too high in price in the first place.


Sellers who stage their properties first will also end up packing most of their belongings before the home goes on the market, making your move less stressful
All the clutter is removed before you do your first open house
Statistics show your home will sell faster as it will show much better
You stand to make 6-15% more on your listing, which is more money in your pocket or at the very least the money back you paid to stage your home


*Buyers can see the architectural features of the home they want to buy rather thatn wading through the clutter and all the family pictures everywhere
*Potential buyers are able to envision their belongings fitting in the space with all the extra furniture and clutter being removed
*A property that has been professionally staged has optimal room layouts, which show the potential buyers the best way to use space in every room


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